Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Must Do List If Visit Kelantan

Ok, I have a confession. I've been married to a Kelantanese but every time I went back to his hometown I become kind of tourist. :p I'm so fascinated with lots of things here! 
I've realised that there are few things I have done repeatedly each and everytime I'm here. 
So, here my MUST DO LIST whenever I visit Kelantan.
 Actually it's not a must DO list, its more like must Eat and must go list.. :)

1) Pasar Besar Pasir Mas
     Wow... everytime I get back here I MUST GO to this market. Local here call it Kedai or in their dialect = Keda. Lots of thing can be found here. Be it t-shirt, immi t-shirt, kitchen appliance like pots and pans, blouse, kid wear, toys, fish, chicken, vegetables (wet market) and of course my favourite the Tudung!!! Gosh... I'm crazy with the choice of tudung here!!! Always the latest style and with great price tag! 
2) Pantai Cahaya Bulan
     I MUST GO to this place simply because to eat.. heheheh although the scenery is quite ok. Not the best beaches, but quite nice to look at the never ending sea scenenary. Of, if I like to window shops for Batik Clothes, this area have quite a lots of Batik Boutique around.
3) Rantau Panjang
     This is quite a famous place for Malay. I think every Malay women knows about this place. This is the town that is so near to Thailand, you can literally swim across a river and get to the Thai.. :) If you dare to do that however, be prepared to meet and greet with the police! Rantau Panjang is famous for shopping paradise. Items from Thailand can be found easily here. Oh, this evening I was there and I tell ya, the government should do something about the road!! I'll babble about it later. 
4) Wakaf Che Yeh
    Hm... this place was introduce to me just a year ago, and I fall in love with it instantly! Wakaf Che Yeh is the place if you want to buy in Bulk. Whoever want to start a bussiness, could buy stocks here. Notorious for its cheap price, this place only open after Maghrib (Muslim Dusk Prayer Time). I've tried to buy a drink for my son during that unfortunate time and they say, sorry cannot sell yet. I admire their Iman.
I'm not a shopaholic, but every time I'm in Kelantan I feel like I MUST SHOP!!! :)

1) Nasi Kerabu
     I hate raw vege! Yep, I hate it so much I don't put vege in my Nasi Kerabu. Thats it until I eat Nasi Kerabu in Kelantan. :) Their version of Nasi Kerabu is so tastefull, it feel like eating plain rice without the vege. And I only like Nasi Kerabu here. So if  I go back to Johor, don't ask me to eat Nasi Kerabu there.. 
2) Deep Fried Assorted Seafood
     Well here they call it colek. It is like a tempura food but eat with a special sauce. I will go to Pantai Cahaya Bulan simply to eat this food. There are lot of stall there for me to choose. I almost never eat at the same stall twice because I want to make it a mission to try at all the stall there. :)
3) Nasi  Kukus Ayam Berempah
      Burp.. excuse me... :) Just had that Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah for dinner. The special about this food is the rice itself. It is soft and fluffy because they steam the rice. The dishes that comes with it are also heavenly! Deep fried chicken in Malay spice, Gulai Kaki Ayam and the Sambal.. Sometimes when I'm back at Johor I will dream about this nasi... sigh....

There you have it.. its not such a long list after all.. I'd probably add it if i remember something new... :)


  1. Ada lagi yg ku tak pernah buat lagi nampaknya.
    Anyway, nasi kukus ayam berempah tu a.k.a nasi kukus ayam dara ke?

  2. Mila rasa konsep dia sama. Cuma kalau kat Klantan diorg guna aym biasa je.. maybe kat KL tu nak nampak lain sikit tu yg diorg guna aym dara tu... Kat Klantan, gulai dia, sambal dia, aym rempah dia memang serasi makan ngan nasi kukus tu... :)

  3. sangat suka memborong di pasar siti khadijah :)

  4. norh: Emm... Mila kureng sket nak g Pasar Bulat tu.. malas nak ke Kota Bahru sebenarnya... parking susah.. kalau time cuti sekolah.. confirm jem kat jambatan area tesco tu.. huhuhu


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