Saturday, November 13, 2010

12 Hours In A Car With 3 Guys!

Well, atleast 12 hours.. could also stretch to 15th Hours as last year. Sigh.....
I should be ok with that since I've been in that situation for quite a lots of time. I'll be in a car with 3 guys. My hubby and my 2 boys. Well, my hubby I can handle since he's driving the car. BUT my 2 boys I tell ya.... give me headache all the time. There will always be a disagreement, a fight, throwing up tantrum plus crying... Huh..
How to make them happy in that 12 hours long drive? Well from previous experience, you can't. I did think to buy a small TV to put inside the car. But then I think they'll fight over what movie they want to see right. So might aswell forget that. How about buy a PSP for them? Hm.. we did have a PSP year ago.. but one PSP will not be enough.  They will fight over who turn is it to play with the PSP. How about buy 2 PSP then? Hahahaha.. yeah.. even if I'm loaded with cash I don't think they will be happily playing with the PSP by themself. The youngest would cry if he can't complete the game, then ask for help. The older one will of course ignore it then the cry... sigh.... Oh.. I think this time I'll buy books or magazine for them. Cheap and could entertain them atleast for few hours, Until they get hungry or just plain bored!
I remember I search high and low for TIPS to Travel with Kids. All those tips with games idea, makes me more frustrated. They simply won't cooperate with playing games!! I just want a peaceful journey!
Wish me luck for tomorrow long hours drive guys....

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