Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mini Entri

The owner of the blog http://warlordsarmoury.blogspot.com/ has kindly write a mini entry about my blog. Mila is warlord 113th follower. His blog is in English, that's why Mila also write in English for this entry. :)
First glance at the header makes me think, oh no.. is this a blog about war, weapon or some kind of game? LOL.. But its not.. mostly he blogs about his thinking, memory, life experience and anything he wants.
The special about his blog is actually he blog about fellow blogger blog. Now does that boogle your mind? :P hehehe. I saw that each time his blog got 10 extra follower, he will blog a mini entry about each of those blog. That is so kind and thoughtful of him right? So if you want your blog to be feature in his blog, go ahead and become Hairil Rizal follower right away!!!


  1. Mila, Mila... what to say ya? Sangat terharulah sbb Mila buat entry on my blog too. Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

    Semoga persahabatan di alam cyber ni berpanjangan. Amin!

  2. What goes around, comes around... :)


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