Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Night In A Rakit

We start the journey by boat at 9.30PMIMG_0447

We had a simple dinner with rice, sambal ketam and as below picture, my hubby cooked egg omelet right there and then!IMG_0458

While the adults are fishing, we let the kids entertain themselves with my ipad.. playing games…IMG_0460

All games and no actual fishing is not good for the kids right.. so come day time, its their turn to fish.IMG_0462

The Rakit House.. and our bekal for the 1 night, 1 day trip.IMG_0464

The Rumah Rakit are located next to Pulau Nenas in Johor.IMG_0465

Our catch for the day was some small Gelama, 3 small pari and 1 tebal pipi.. IMG_0479

Wonder what my brothe inlaws is up to?..IMG_0483

Oh.. he pick up (Mussel) Kupang from under the rakit with his mouth!!IMG_0485

Clean up the Kupang before going back home..IMG_0481

Our second catch of the day.. tons of Kupang..IMG_0488

What a fun and great day for the whole family indeed… And no, my brother in-laws didn’t actually pick the kupang with his mouth… LOL

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  1. Haaa...inila baru namanya adventurous.
    Tabik Spring!


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